Friday, 13 December 2013

omg so much to do.

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I would give an update.

The semester is almost over, some assignments to mark, a exam to write and then I am done. so much has happened this semester. The veg club has taken off and I discovered I do not need to be gluten free.

I am starting on a new culinary adventure. I ordered a weekly CSA bag from Fresh City Farms. My parents used to get a CSA a number of years ago, but when I moved out it was no longer economically viable to buy the box. I am curious to see how much produce I get, as that will determine if I continue forward with it. I do realize that this is organic and mostly local but I am on a student budget. On the other hand having all the produce around might encourage me to eat out less so even if it is more expensive for groceries it could work out OK.

I will try to remember to blog about what I got.

In kitty cat news, Muxie has discovered running and that she can jump on to high surfaces, such as counters and the stove (!). she only jumped on the stove once so I'm not too worried. she has also taken to getting really excited when I put away/take out my futon. she runs all over it when I take the sheets off and likes to jump on the back when it is folded up again.

I haven't been programming any extra things lately, school work has me very busy so far. maybe I could work on a little something over the winter holidays. I don't know what it would be. My mother has been managing volunteer scheduling at her church and needs to have a more portable database, (she uses Access). so maybe a java applet, or maybe I could pick up some SQL before my course next semester.