Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Exam is tomorrow O_o

So I have an exam tomorrow in the afternoon....

I think I'm well prepared. I can do basic assembly programs to level I need to. I know how to read the basic processor diagram we learned in class, I know DeMorgan's Law, how to make a finite state machine out of flip flops. I think I'm ok. Today I will tackle a previous year's exam and see how I do.

As for food...

Last night I was going to have buffalo tempeh from Appetite For Reduction by Isa Moskowitz, but my stomach was a little crampy and having a 1/2 cup of hot sauce didn't seem like a good idea. So instead I did a tempeh dish which seems to be my default.

Cut a block of tempeh into portions

Heat oil in cast iron skillet, I used about a Tbsp of canola oil.

Brown tempeh on one side, flip, brush tempeh with bottled BBQ sauce. Let the other side brown, flip, brush with BBQ sauce again.

I did this process one more time to let the BBQ sauce caramelize a bit.

And voila. tis done

I served this with oven fries (from a bag) and steamed broccoli. Tasty!

I have half the block of tempeh leftover, and I also have a head for red leaf lettuce. I think the tempeh with a salad and some toast is good for lunch.

As for dinner, I'm thinking of soaking some beans and seeing where it takes me. Leaning toward soaking pintos. I'll figure it out.