Sunday, 14 April 2013

First Post

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post. I think this blog will be about my studies in CompSci, my cat Muxie, and my adventures in vegan cuisine.

I also like knitting, and other crafty things, as well as, playing the piano. I have an extensive vegan cookbook collection and like to read them like some people like to read novels.

As you can tell my interests are diverse.

Currently I am busy studying for finals. I think I got a hold on things; I'm pretty up to date on course material.

Muxie is busy destroying the place looking for toys, as usual.

I have to defrost my fridge/freezer as it is making an annoying buzzy sound every once in a while. So I have been eating my refridgerator to empty as much as I can. I am to the point where it is empty enough that all the food can fit in coolers, or is safe to remain unrefrigerated for a day.

Talk to ya later.