Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Got to Study....

Ok, so today I definitely have to study. With an exam on Thursday and another on Friday, I really got to open the books. I am quite the procrastinator when it comes to studying. I think it's because I have never had to make a habit out of it. Being the bright individual that I am, I could get away with little to no studying for all of high school and a fair bit of university.

Motivation for studying right now is low because I feel that I am pretty on top of all my courses. I understood what was going on in class and my marks on the homeworks were pretty good. This situation always bites me in the butt because I get lazy, dont study, forget material, and don't do as well on the final as a result.

I am also quite distractable. I'm sure everyone is to some degree. A thought will pop into my head, or even worse I go to look up something on Wikipedia, get my info, then clickthrough on links that interest me and before I know it I am waaayyy off topic. Another common distraction is thinking about my next meal. "What will I cook?", "Do I need to get anything from the store?", "When do I need to start cooking?", "How long will it take?", "When do I want to eat?", and so on. This is where meal planning helps, but I have had trouble making a routine of it as of late. I'll use my Paprika app and meal plan maybe a day in advance. Where as before I would have had a week of meals planned.

Oh well, need to eat now (ha ha) and study later. TTYL